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The Beauty of Decay was composed in 2010 originally. The album is a theme album about the nature of entropy and decay, which is accounted for with the time measurement system. Entropy/decay, though surprising choices of terms, might be the real nature of what we experience in the moment, commonly referred to as "time." As meters is to length, time might be better termed entropy and decay. Meters is a convention of accounting and measurement, there are other forms than metric meters, whereas length, shape and size are factual real aspects of nature. Indeterminacy, as to any significant degree of the resulting exact happenings, at times beyond the millisecond moment, is explored with track title choices and musical style. Prediction is impossible to the ideas behind this theme, and forecasting better conveys that to be accurate, a forecast must be known to possess by nature no pretense or intent to predictate. Imperfection, termed "flaw," is heralded as superior and beneficial in contrast to undesirable perfection. The term imperfection is fraught with implications of misfortune at not attaining sheer perfection, so instead I used the term "flaw." The album was composed with Native Instruments Komplete 8 Ultimate synthesizers and samplers as creative tools, exclusively. Battery 3 drum sampler kits were arranged for all percussion, Kontakt 5 was arranged for sparse instrument samples, and FM8 and Reaktor 5 were heavily arranged for synthesizer sound. The album is entirely synthetic ambient techno, with cadence comparative to orchestra ensembles.

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The tracks available for listening on this website are samples from the current catalog of four albums and one single. Enjoy streaming them for free. Thank you in advance, if you would like to purchase a track. My published album catalog includes the LP albums Sky Frontiers (2009 release), The Beauty of Decay (2010 release), Broad Lands (2011 release), the Single Air Elementals (2018), and the LP album Pain Ordeal (2021).


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Entropic Front is a one-man electric body music (EBM) project by "Pteranodon" (Patrick Cheatham). The Pteranodon was an archosaur, related to the dinosaurs.

Entropic Front music fits New Age Instrumental Electronica ethereal styles, but with more intensity such as in Techno or EDM music, and with more demanding song evolution. Mixing typically incongruent musical moods is common in Entropic Front music. Bright and light melodies alternate or blend with dark passages, exploring new musical moods. Percussion intensity, and sudden edges to starts and stops of sound fragments, bring late twentieth century synthesizer Ambient, Techno, New Age, and Chill styles into combination with a stormier hardcore sound and pace.

Entropic Front is named in honor of a natural philosophy appreciative of imperfection. Flaws from absolutely impossible perfection abound and lend character to everything. Our flaws and the flaws in life are that of which we are made and are the heart of our warm and flexible humanity. Nature's deviation from idealized cloned perfection provides uniqueness, freedom, and beauty to all. Often looked over yielding, fluidity, and slip are imbued in the actual sciences and in our beautiful human imperfection.

Pteranodon adopts an experimental approach to making music, with the idea of allowing the music to somewhat compose itself. He invests in unexpected or accidental occurrences of synergy between software instrument parts that show fair to strong potential. This is all accomplished via computer software. Foundations of songs are grown this way, after flexibly and unconcernedly composing synthesizer software instrument note pattern fragments, reorienting them often. Pteranodon also chooses to only refine into solid final music those interesting sound qualities he happens upon, rather become self-stymied by reaching for special traits, an arranging approach to which he cannot rise.

The artistic goal is for each song to finalize as merely congruent and whole, being steadfast in not growing progressively more unsatisfying upon repeated listens over weeks and years. Listeners are treated to variety, surprise, and sudden maneuver in music.

Entropic Front music presents listeners with frequent changes to the evolving listening experience, with no song part dwelling long without relief much past 10 seconds. This style is designed for listeners who might be enduring hardships.

Sweeping airy backdrops, swift driving synthesizers, drum sampler percussion pattern scattering, and variations of short time delays deliver an uplifting rush, unoppressive temporally -- a matter of time duration -- considering that pause and stop options are at ready, while listening. This is an engineer's assessment of listening factors.

Pteranodon has a very open public policy concerning bipolar brain illness in his background About, to combat away stigma by personal example. That's only a preamble to: [Bipolar of ~6,600,000/U.S. - all differ. Folic acid toxicity by 1996+ food lacing, confirmed.]

Pteranodon is a retired and disabled U.S. Air Force Captain and is a Master of Science in Aeronautical Engineering.





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